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Account Executive

Matthew Masone is the current Account Executive of Net Zero Logistics, LLC and affiliates with a particular expertise in Government/Public Policies, Food & Beverage, and Property Management markets. Graduated from Saint Francis College with a History major and minor in American Studies. 


Prior to Matthews current position with Net Zero Logistics, LLC and affiliates, he has worked numerous Account Executive roles with major companies. Matthew has a particular expertise working start-ups and successfully launching projects into the market. In addition to Account Management experience, Matthew also has a Marketing and web design background. 


Outside of work, Matthew loves to play pool. He is a highly skilled pool player and when asked about his pool skills and playing in leagues stated “I reject all invitations to any pool leagues. ‘It wouldn’t be fair to the other teams.’” Matthew has also taken the time to get his certification in American Sign Language (ASL)!


“Truly an honor it is to be part of an exceptional company, propelled by a singular goal: the reduction of carbon emissions within one of the largest markets. As we eagerly approach this crucial juncture, let us stand united in our determination to create a greener and more sustainable future.” – Matthew Masone

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