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Director of Sales

Chris Morem is the current Director of Sales for Net Zero Logistics, LLC and affiliates. Chris is a St. John’s University in Minnesota graduate with a Major in Internal Business and a Minor in Spanish. Chris joining the team in early 2023 comes to Net Zero Logistics, LLC and affiliates with extensive experience in both Logistics and Sales. Chris’s background spans from Management at Amazon in the final mile space, Senior Sales at numerous logistics companies and Senior Sales at Brokerage companies.


With Chris’s impressive experience in the logistics world, he attended his first Urban Freight Lab meeting in 2023 and is proud to be involved. Outside of work-related associations, Chris is a board member for three different associations in his local community; Fan District Association, Historic Monument Avenue, and Fan District Foundation. Not to mention, Chris found a true passion for Sustainability and has recently become an advisor for ONE VCU Sustainability Plan Project.


Growing up in Minnesota, playing hockey was as natural as breathing. Chris played hockey in college with St. John’s University in Minnesota and will try to play still whenever his busy schedule allows him to! 


"There needs to be a change in how the transportation industry treats the environment. Net Zero Logistics is proud to be one of the front runners in making this change." – Chris Morem

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