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E-bike Model:
• In urban areas Net Zero is able to offer e-bike solutions to do distribution work. That includes an e-bike with a trailer attached so that the biker is able to deliver as much as a van could with a zero-carbon footprint.
• We also have E-bikers with Backpacks who are able to deliver on demand packages.
• We currently have 300 E-bikers in Manhattan replacing 300 vans that would normally do those deliveries.
• Each cargo bike generates annual Co2 savings of approximately 7 tons, equivalent to over 100 planted trees, or 15,000 passenger car miles traveled.


Mobile Dock Model:

• This model is designed for urban markets with high volume in concentrated zip codes.
• A truck loads goods at a warehouse then drives to an urban market, parks and stays there all day. Foot messengers utilizing handcarts or e-bikers complete the deliveries.
• We currently have 150 foot messengers in Manhattan.

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