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Director of Operations - Distribution

Alyson Chiusano is the current Director of Operations – Distribution of Net Zero Logistics, LLC and affiliated. Alyson attended Concordia College with a major in Business Administration and started her career as a Sales and Marketing Assistant and has diverse experience as a prior Sales Manager, Operations Manager, and IT Supervisor. With Alyson’s’ varied skills, she makes a perfect asset to the team. 


Outside of career related associations including Express Carriers Association (ECA) and Customized Logistics and Delivery Association (CLDA), Alyson has been involved with St. Baldricks Foundation for the past 11 years. St. Baldricks is the largest private funder of children’s cancer research. Alyson is honored to be a part of St. Baldricks positive impact for the past 11 years. 


Outside of work, Alyson loves to travel as much as possible spending time with her family and friends. Alyson is a prior horse competitor, if she did not fall in love with the logistics world 20 years ago, she would still be competing! She will never turn down a challenge. 


“I could not be more excited to see how Net Zero Logistics will move forward towards a zero-carbon footprint by reducing carbon emissions. Also, while assisting our own clients to reach their climate goals” – Alyson Chiusano

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Alyson Chiusano

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